About us

Thanks to digital solutions we help businesses to work Smarter not Harder!

Thanks digital solutions we create a better life

We are creative digital agency. Our mission is to provide innovative, digital solutions to help companies stand out from the crowd, increase brand awareness, engage successfully with their target audience, win new clients in order to deliver tangible business growth. Our digital, mobile solutions help businesses achieve their strategic objectives and make them work smarter not harder!

“Our solutions, which are based on thorough research , accurate information and in depth analysis, together with unique ideas result in competitive advantage.”
— Jowita Penkala
Managing Director
Jowita Penkala, Managing Director


We have worked with more than 140 companies (from various industry sectors such as: medical, legal, financial, retail, manufacturing and engineering.) from around the world since 2009.


When implementing solutions we always look for the newest and tested technologies which are the most suitable for our clients. Our specialists are passionate about digital marketing and have wealth of experience.


Each project is dealt with individually and we work closely with a client to make sure that our carefully chosen solutions bring the required results and Return on Investment (ROI).


Always thinking "outside the box" when creating digital solutions for a client. Our unique ideas enrich the final digital product.