Mobile apps in business


The last few years have clearly shown that the distance between a consumer and a supplier is becoming shorter. It is a result of growing competition and better understanding of customer needs. They make buying decisions taking into consideration not only the product itself and the price, but also other factors such as: how the product is presented, how easy it is to buy it and the convenience of purchase.

Mobile apps in business

The stats speak for themselves. Mobile apps are used by people across all age groups according to Nielsen’s report. In addition to this, majority of the people use more than 20 apps. That is a lot considering that technology has become very popular only recently when the market was flooded with smartphones. Traditional mobile phones’ market has been shrinking since then. It is not surprising that businesses want to take advantage of that shift.

Opportunity, not thread

Mobile apps give us convenience while we shop and shorten the buying time. But this is not everything – because they needs to be installed on mobile devices, the users might keep them there for a long time.
The mobile apps are not just about growing sales. They give the opportunity to build brand loyalty. It is worth here to take advantage of tools such as: geo location, QR codes or push notifications. The key to successful brand loyalty programme however is development of effective and smart consumers’ commitment. Mobile apps are also clever information, engagement and advertising channel that help businesses not only to acquire more customers, but also to save time and money on customer acquisition.

The best consumer is the one whose needs are fulfilled

Understanding the buying process from our customers’ or clients’ perspective help us notice the elements that need improvement and the ones that are worth exposing. Going further it is definitely worth to concentrate on a social customer who can play significant role in further development of our products or services or creation of completely new products or services. If the customers cannot find what they is looking for at one supplier they will go to the one where their needs, dynamic lifestyle and new way of shopping is at the centre of the supplier’s business.

Focus on growth

Mobile apps are powerful tool that can help you build competitive advantage. That’s why it is worth developing mobile solutions for your business in order to fulfil your customers’ needs. The mobile solutions will be working for your business even while you are asleep.

Anna Daraz
Anna Daraz